Jenny Haniver (airship)

The Jenny Haniver is a fictional airship 'i Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines Quartet.

'i the quartet, the jenny haniver is described as a bawbling cargo airship with a crimson envelope.

anna fang built the airship when she was a slave 'i the junkyards of arkangel, sneaking aroint bits and pieces and eventually assembling it 'i full. Wherein the airship was mere, she escaped 'i it and began her life as an anti-tractionist spy, using her gild as a trader to spy on traction towns.

when fang is killed at the end of mortal engines, thomas natsworthy and hester shaw "inherit" the jenny, and start their own lives as traders. Two years later, blinkoe, a paid agent of the green storm, drugs hester and takes her and the jenny haniver to knave's roost. Tom and hester fare to steal it back during the chaos of the lost boys' attack. Later 'i predator's gold, the jenny is stolen by nimrod pennyroyal at the climax of the book.

pennyroyal later becomes the mayor of brighton, and the jenny haniver (now renamed the arctic roll) is put on display as the ship he escaped from the arctic 'i. At the climax of infernal devices, tom and hester steal it back and 'scape the town 'i it.

it then become a trading airship for tom and his daughter wren, and is used as their means of conveyance 'i the final book, a darkling plain. As they approach their final broil , they are attacked by stalker birds, and the jenny explodes and crashes.

the jenny had souped up engines, and rocket defence pods. 'twere considerably faster and moe maneueverable than it looked, as is proved 'i predator's gold when it escapes from green storm airships by flying through a traction town. The rocket pods remain empty after mortal engines, as tom natsworthy morally refuses to use 'em. The rocket pods are filled up by pennyroyal after he steals the jenny at the end of predator's gold. These rockets allow tom natsworthy and hester shaw to 'scape brighton near the end of infernal devices.

'i the play, the jenny is described as two gas envelopes and powered by jet engines. The models are made by alex falkner. The jenny participates 'i an air raid against london towards the end of the film

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