Rodorsceaþel wæs ymbgangend rodorcræft and eftnyttendlic se wæs be NASA, Americanisc rodorþegnung, geweorced fram 1981 oþ 2011.

Discovery Rodorsceaþel beebbeð

Þisses cræftes forma flyþ wæs in 1981 and weorcenda flyþ begann in 1982. Feower rodorsceaþel flugon, þa hatten Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis, and Endeavour and 135 faran flugon hie, ac twegen nacan, Challenger and Columbia ætbyrsteden in flyhte.

Rodorsceaþel baren manigum folgendas in ymbgange, and eac ungemanneden nacan to oþrum dweolingum tunglum, se Hubble Rodorfaerrglæs and hie fultumode to timbrienne þone Irmenlendiscan Rodorwic and oft flugon to him.