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|style="padding-right: 1em;"| [[Wicipǣdia]] is '''bū''' [[wīsdōmbōc]] and [[wici]]-gemǣnscipe. Þu canst [[Wikipedia:How to edit a page|ādihtan]] and [[Help:Starting a new page|sceapan]] gewritu on Wicipǣdian efne nū. Leornie hū tō forðienne mid þǣm [[Wikipedia:Tutorial|tutorial]] (or just play around in our [[Wikipedia:Sandbox|sandbox]]).
For more information, post comments at the '''[[Wikipedia:Þorpes Wiella|Þorpes Wiella]]''', read the [[Help:Contents|Help]] directory and our [[Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines|policies]], [[Wikipedia:Contact us|contact]] other [[Wikipedia:Wikipedians|Wikipedians]], and keep track of [[Wikipedia:Goings-on|'''what's going on''']]. If you haven't already, you may want to [[Syndrig:Userlogin|create an account]] ([[Wikipedia:Why create an account?|hwȳ?]]).
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<small>[[#Get involved|Get involved]]</small><br />
<small>[[#About Wikipedia|'''Directory''']]</small><br />
<small>[[#Frequently asked questions|'''FAQ''']]</small>
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== Þing þā þe þu canst dōn ==
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== Midweorc þǣre wuce ==
Wilt þū forðian? Help tō ādihtenne '''[[Crīstemæsse|Crīstemæssan]]''', Wikipedia's current [[Wikipedia:Midweorc þǣre wuce|Midweorc þǣre wuce]]! Please help to improve it to [[Wikipedia:Featured articles|featured article]] standard.
Snippet from the article:
: '''[[Crīstemæsse]]''' (rihte, sēo [[Iesus Crist|Cristes]] [[mæsse]] ) is geþēawe [[hāligdæg]] in þǣm [[crīsten gerimbōc|crīstenum gerimbōcum]] þæt gǣþ æt [[Gēolmōnaþ]]es ende and gebrēmaþ þā cennesse [[Iesus Crist]]es. Ēac gebrēmaþ man hīe swā [[woruldes symbeldæg]] in manigum stedum þǣre worulde, geinniande rīcu mid gehwǣdum Crīstenum folce, tō bisne [[Japan]]e. Sēo sōþtīd and se stǣr Iesuses cennesse is uncūþ and under cnēatung (sēo [[Iesus]])[[Crīstemæsse|...]]
You can still help with last week's article '''[[Congo Civil War]]''' ([ see how it improved]), look at [[Wikipedia:Collaboration of the week/History|previous collaborations]], or [[Wikipedia:Collaboration of the week#Candidates for next week|help pick next week's article]].
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== Forðie! ==
* Help æt [[b:Hēafodsīde|Wicibōcum]]
* Helpaþ tō īecenne [[Wikipedia:Image copyright tags|copyright tags]] to the [[User:Yann/Untagged Images|list of untagged images]][].
* Hwā wille bēon ūser ambihtsecg tō þǣm Wicipǣdian [[m:Wikipedia Embassy|ambihtsecghofe]]? Wrīt ǣrendan and sēo ūser [[Wikipedia:Ambihtsecghof|ambihtsecghof]]!
* Upcoming [[Wikipedia:Meetup|Wikipedia meetups]] in [[User:Jimbo Wales/Chicago Meetup|Chicago]] and [[Wikipedia:Meetup/Seattle|Seattle]]
* '''[[Wikipedia:Goings-on|Goings-on]]''' in the Wikipedia universe
* '''[[Wikipedia:Requests for comment|Hot Discussions]]''': [[Wikipedia talk:Bureaucrats#Bureaucratic statistics|Should some ''bureaucrats'' have that status removed, subject to reapplication through the current process?]]
* Wicipǣdia sēcþ [[m:Copyediting|Copyeditors]], [[m:Proofreading|Proofreaders]], and [[m:Translation#Translators by "A" language|Translators]] to help improve quality and coverage.
* '''[[Wikipedia:Nooks and corners of Wikipedia that should be frequented|Nooks and corners of Wikipedia]]'''
* Nēosaþ '''[[Wikipedia:Wikifun|Wikifun]]''' for some wikitainment
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== Rǣd þæs dæges ==
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== Ymbe Wicipǣdian ==
=== Nīwe brūcere information ===
[[Wikipedia:Wilcume, nīwfaran|Wilcume!]] –
[[Wikipedia:Tutorial|Tutorial]] –
[[Wikipedia:Sandbox|Sandbox]] –
[[Wikipedia:Help|Help]] –
[[Wikipedia:New user log|New user log]]
=== Frequently asked questions ===
[[Wikipedia:FAQ|FAQ list]] and
[[Wikipedia:Overview FAQ|Overview]] –
[[Wikipedia:Administration FAQ|Administration]] –
[[Wikipedia:Forðaðes FAQ|Forðaþ]] –
[[Wikipedia:Ādihtoðes FAQ|Ādihtoþ]] –
[[Wikipedia:Scōla FAQ|Scōla]] –
[[Wikipedia:Miscellaneous FAQ|Misc]] –
[[Wikipedia:PHP script FAQ|PHP script]] –
[[Wikipedia:Problems FAQ|Problems]] –
[[Wikipedia:Readers' FAQ|Readers']] –
[[Wikipedia:Talk Etiquette FAQ|Talk Etiquette]] –
[[Wikipedia:Technical FAQ|Technical]] –
[[Wikipedia:Wordhord|Wordhord]] –
[[Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not|What Wikipedia is not]]
=== Ways to communicate ===
[[Wikipedia:Contact us|Contact (overview)]] –
'''[[Wikipedia:Þorpes Wiella|Þorpes Wiella]]''' –
[[Wikipedia:Talk page|Discussion pages]] –
[[Wikipedia:Mailing lists|Mailing lists]] –
[[m:IRC channels|IRC chat]] –
[[Wikipedia:Instant Messaging Wikipedians|Instant Messaging]] –
[[Wikipedia:Meetup|In person meetings]] –
[[Wikipedia:User page|User pages]]
=== Gemǣnscipe information ===
[[Wikipedia:Ymbe|Ymbe Wicipǣdia]] –
[[Wikimedia|About Wiki'''media''']] –
[[Wikipedia:Wikipedians|Wicibōceras]] –
[[Wikipedia:Friends of Wikipedia|Friends of Wikipedia]] –
[ Donations]
=== Wikipedia highlights ===
[[Wikipedia:Featured articles|Featured articles]] and
[[Wikipedia:Featured pictures|pictures]] –
[[Wikipedia:Collaboration of the week|Collaboration of the week]] –
[[Wikipedia:Announcements|Announcements]] and other
'''[[Wikipedia:Goings-on|Goings-on]]''' –
[[Wikipedia:Wikipedia in the media|Wikipedia in the media]] and
[[Wikipedia:Press releases|Press releases]] –
[[Wikipedia:Statistics|Stats]] –
=== Gemǣne procedures ===
[[Wikipedia:Featured article candidates|Featuring an article]] or
[[Wikipedia:Featured pictures candidates|picture]] –
[[Wikipedia:Peer review|Peer review]] –
[[Wikipedia:Votes for deletion|Deleting a page]] (<small>[[Wikipedia:Deletion policy|full policy]]</small>) –
[[Wikipedia:Requests for page protection|Protecting a page]] (<small>[[Wikipedia:Protection policy|full policy]]</small>) –
[[Wikipedia:How to revert a page to an earlier version|Reverting a page]] –
[[Wikipedia:Requests for adminship|Administrator nominations]]
=== Help mid Meta-Wici ===
[[m:MediaWiki_User%27s_Guide|Brūceres Handbōc]] –
[[m:Help:Table|Table format]] –
[[m:Help:Formula|TeX, math and formulae]] –
[[m:Help:Images_and_other_uploaded_files|Images and embedding]]
=== Account maintenance ===
[[Wikipedia:Why create an account?|Account benefits]] –
[[Wikipedia:Username|Choosing]] and [[Wikipedia:Changing username|Changing a username]] –
[[m:MediaWiki User's Guide: Logging-in|Logging in]] –
[[m:MediaWiki User's Guide: Setting preferences|User preferences]] –
[[Wikipedia:Changing attribution for an edit|Changing attribution for edits]] –
[[Wikipedia:Account deletion|Account deletion]]
=== Downloads ===
[ Wikipedia database download]
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== Wrītung/Reference Resources ==
=== Regolas and Wīsan ===
[[Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines|Overview of policies]] –
[[Wikipedia:Neutral point of view|Neutral point of view ('''NPOV''')]] –
[[Wikipedia:Copyrights|Copyright]] –
[[Wikipedia:Editing policy|Editing]] –
[[Wikipedia:Manual of Style|Manual of Style]] (<small>[[Wikipedia:Guide to Layout|Layout]], [[Wikipedia:Naming conventions|Naming conventions]], [[Wikipedia:Disambiguation|Disambiguation]], [[Wikipedia:Captions|Captions]]</small>) –
[[Wikipedia:Image use policy|Image use]]
==== Behavioral guidelines ====
[[Wikipedia:Wikiquette|Wikipedia etiquette]] –
[[Wikipedia:Be bold in updating pages|Be bold!]] but [[Wikipedia:Staying cool when the editing gets hot|Stay cool!]] –
[[Wikipedia:Please do not bite the newcomers|Be nice to newcomers]] –
[[Wikipedia:Dispute resolution|Dispute resolution]] –
[[Wikipedia:Arbitration policy|Arbitration policy]] –
[[Wikipedia:Association of Members' Advocates|Association of Members' Advocates]] -
[[Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard|Administrators' noticeboard]]
=== Resources ===
[[Wikipedia:Help desk|Help desk]] –
[[Wikipedia:Reference desk|Reference desk]] –
[[Syndrig:Specialpages|Special pages]] –
[[Wikipedia:Utilities|Utilities]] –
[[Wikipedia:Basic topics|Basic topics]] –
[[Wikipedia:Contributing to Wikipedia|Contributing]] –
[[Wikipedia:Guide to improving articles|Improving articles]] –
[[Wikipedia:How to write a great article|Writing a great article]] –
[[Wikipedia:Public domain resources|Public domain]] and other
[[Wikipedia:Research resources|research resources]] –
[[Wikipedia:Boilerplate text|Boilerplate text]] –
[[Wikipedia:Boilerplate request for permission|Boilerplate permission to copy]] –
[[Wikipedia:MediaWiki custom messages|Custom messages]] –
[[Wikipedia:List of images|Image list]]
=== Projects ===
[[Wikipedia:WikiProject|WikiProjects]] –
[[Wikipedia:Requested articles|Requested articles]] and [[Wikipedia:Requested pictures|pictures]] –
[[Wikipedia:Article series|Article series]] –
[[Wikipedia:Infobox|Infoboxes]] –
[[Wikipedia:WikiProject Writing Captions|Captions]] –
[[Wikipedia:WikiMoney|WikiMoney]] –
[[Wikipedia:Wikipedia maintenance|Maintenance]] (<small>[[Wikipedia:Pages needing attention|Pages needing attention]],
[[Wikipedia:Requests for page expansion|Expansion]], [[Wikipedia:Categorization|Categorization]]</small>) –
[[Wikipedia:Transwiki log|Transwiki]] –
[[Wikipedia:Regional notice boards|Regional notice boards]]
=== Technical information ===
[[Wikipedia:MediaWiki|The MediaWiki software]] –
[[m:MediaWiki feature request and bug report discussion|Requests and bug reports]] –
[[Wikipedia:Browser notes|Browser notes]] –
[[m:User_styles|User styles (customizing your display with CSS)]] –
[[Wikipedia:Multimedia|Multimedia]] –
[[Wikipedia:Bots|Bots]] –
[[Wikipedia:Database download|SQL dumps]] (<font size="-1">[[Wikipedia:TomeRaider database|TomeRaider format]]</font>)
=== Related communities ===
[[Wikipedia:Multilingual coordination|Other Wikipedia languages]] –
[[Wikipedia:Create a new language in Wikipedia|Start a new language]]
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