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{{Infobox Network |
{| cellspacing="3" width="100%"
|network_name = ''ZOE Television''
|network_logo = [[Image:zoe tv11.jpg]]|
|width="100%" colspan="2"|
|country = {{PHI}}|
|network_type = [[Terrestrial television|Broadcast]] [[television network]] |
|available = National |
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|owner = ''ZOE Broadcasting Network, Inc.'' |
|launch_date = [[April 19]], [[1998]] (resumed broadcast as Ch.11)<br>[[March 10]], [[2008]] (relaunched as ZOE TV 33)|
|key_people = [[Eddie Villanueva]], Chairman<br>|
|founder = [[Eddie Villanueva]] |
|website = [] |
'''ZOE Broadcasting Network, Inc.''' is a [[Philippines|Philippine]] [[television network]] of Jesus is Lord Movement leader Bro. [[Eddie Villanueva]]. This stations studios and offices are located at 22/F Strata 2000 Bldg., F. Ortigas Jr. Ave., Ortigas Center, [[Pasig City]]. Currently, its flagship television station, ([[DZOE-TV|DZOE-TV 11]] Manila) and several of its provincial stations are currently operated by [[GMA Network]] through [[Q (television network)|Q]].
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The frequency rights of [[DZOE-TV|Channel 11]] in [[Metro Manila]] was given to a joint venture of the influential religious groups ''[[El Shaddai]]'' headed by [[Mike Velarde|Bro. Mike Velarde]] and ''[[Jesus Is Lord Movement]]'' headed by [[Eddie Villanueva|Bro. Eduardo "Eddie" Villanueva, Sr.]] in mid 1990s. Conflict of interests started the two groups to contest the full ownership of the company. The Philippine Congress, composed of the Senate and the House of Representatives intervened and awarded to [[Eddie Villanueva]] and ''Jesus Is Lord Movement'' the right the acquire the frequency held by Channel 11. Villanueva paid Velarde for the stocks and assets held by [[Delta Broadcasting System, Inc.|Delta Broadcasting System]] (DBS).
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In the late 1990s, [[Entertainment Network]] (Enternet) headed by Benito Araneta and ZOE-TV entered an agreement for TV airtime lease. Enternet leased the morning and afternoon block by airing [[CNBC Asia]]. After two years of airing, the two parties had disagreements on the signed contact, ZOE-TV stopped airing CNBC Asia and Enternet bolted out and filed a case on Villanueva.
<small>[[#Get involved|Get involved]]</small><br />
In 2001, ZOE-TV became the first TV station to air the [[EDSA II|second EDSA Revolution]]. In 2004, Villanueva resigned as Chairman on ZOE TV to run for Philippine President. After ending in the last position in the election, Villanueva regained the chairmanship and continued his TV talk shows on ZOE.
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[[Image:UniTVlogoFINAL.jpg‎|thumb|Logo used from 2006 until March 10, 2008]]
<small>[[#Frequently asked questions|'''FAQ''']]</small>
In the first quarter of 2005, [[Citynet Television]], a subsidiary of [[GMA Network]], and ZOE-TV entered to an agreement for Citynet leasing the entire TV airtime block of the station in exchange of an upgrading the facilities of ZOE and a ZOE-TV program on GMA Network every Monday midnight after its Sunday [[primetime]] block.
[[GMA Network]] installed and upgraded the transmitter and studio of ZOE Broadcasting Network channel 33 on November 11, 2005. DZOZ is now on its rehabilitaion of its transmitter.
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== Þing þā þe þu canst dōn ==
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== Midweorc þǣre wuce ==
The channel was launched on [[November 27]], [[2006]] as [[UniversiTV]]. UniversiTV on Channel 33 lasted until first quarter of 2008. UniversiTV now airs via satellite and is received through cable operators nationwide. []
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==ZOE Broadcasting Network stations==
Snippet from the article:
===TV Stations===
{| class="wikitable"
! Branding
! Callsign
! Ch. #
! Power kW (ERP)
! Station Type
! Location
| [[ZOE TV]]/ZTV 33
| [[DZOZ-TV]]
| Channel 33
| 30 kW
| Originating
| [[Antipolo City]]
| [[Q (television network)|Q]]
| [[DZOE-TV]]
| Channel 11
| 100 kW
| Originating
| [[Quezon City]]
====Cable TV Stations====
: '''[[Crīstemæsse]]''' (rihte, sēo [[Iesus Crist|Cristes]] [[mæsse]] ) is geþēawe [[hāligdæg]] in þǣm [[crīsten gerimbōc|crīstenum gerimbōcum]] þæt gǣþ æt [[Gēolmōnaþ]]es ende and gebrēmaþ þā cennesse [[Iesus Crist]]es. Ēac gebrēmaþ man hīe swā [[woruldes symbeldæg]] in manigum stedum þǣre worulde, geinniande rīcu mid gehwǣdum Crīstenum folce, tō bisne [[Japan]]e. Sēo sōþtīd and se stǣr Iesuses cennesse is uncūþ and under cnēatung (sēo [[Iesus]])[[Crīstemæsse|...]]
{| class="wikitable"
! Cable/Satellite Provider
! Ch. #
! Coverage
! Status
| [[SkyCable]]
| 05
| [[Metro Manila]]
| Launched
| [[SkyCable Digital]]
| 159
| [[Metro Manila]]
| Launched
| [[Global Destiny Cable]]
| 98
| [[Metro Manila]]
| Launched
| [[Cablelink]]
| 82
| [[Parañaque]]/[[Las Piñas]]
| Launched
| [[SkyCable|SkyCable CAMANAVA]]
| 84
| [[Caloocan]], [[Malabon]], [[Navotas]], [[Valenzuela]]
| Launched
| [[SkyCable]]
| 33
| [[San Pedro, Laguna|San Pedro]] & [[Sta. Rosa City|Sta. Rosa]], [[Laguna (province)|Laguna]]
| Launched
| [[SkyCable]]
| 72
| [[Cavite]]
| Launched
| [[SkyCable|SunCable Rizal]]
| 5
| [[Antipolo City]], [[Rizal]]
| Launched
| [[SkyCable]]
| 80
| [[Rizal]]
| Launched
| [[SkyCable|Home Cable Mecauayan]]
| 75
| [[Meycauayan]], [[Bulacan]]
| Planned
| [[SkyCable|SkyCable Naga]]
| 33
| [[Naga City, Camarines Sur|Naga City]], [[Albay]]
| Planned
| [[SkyCable|SkyCable Agoo]]
| 52
| [[Agoo]], [[La Union]]
| Planned
| [[Cable Star Iloilo]]
| 98
| [[Iloilo City]]
| Launch
-And selected cable TV stations.
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===Radio Stations===
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{| class="wikitable"
|style="border: 1px solid gray; padding-left:1em;padding-right:0.1em;padding-top:0.5em;"|
! Branding
== Forðie! ==
! Callsign
! Frequency
! Power (Watts)
! Location
* Help æt [[b:Hēafodsīde|Wicibōcum]]
| [[DZJV|DZJV 1458]]
* Helpaþ tō īecenne [[Wikipedia:Image copyright tags|copyright tags]] to the [[User:Yann/Untagged Images|list of untagged images]][].
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| 1458 KHz
* Upcoming [[Wikipedia:Meetup|Wikipedia meetups]] in [[User:Jimbo Wales/Chicago Meetup|Chicago]] and [[Wikipedia:Meetup/Seattle|Seattle]]
| 10,000 watts
* '''[[Wikipedia:Goings-on|Goings-on]]''' in the Wikipedia universe
| [[Calamba]]
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== Rǣd þæs dæges ==
===Local programs===
====Late Night Talk Show====
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*[[Juan On Juan]]
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====Magazine Lifestyle Show====
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== Ymbe Wicipǣdian ==
====Morning Show====
=== Nīwe brūcere information ===
*[[ZTV 33 RadioviZion]]
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=== Gemǣnscipe information ===
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====Talent Downloads Show====
*[[The BOSS]]
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====Variety Show====
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*[[Hearts On Fire]]
*[[New Generation]]
===Foreign shows===
== Wrītung/Reference Resources ==
*[ Value Vision]
=== Regolas and Wīsan =Religious====
*[ This New Life (In cooperation with Alabang New Life Christian Center)]
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*ZOE Balita Ngayon
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==Canned programs from various productions==
=== Resources ===
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====CCI Asia====
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*The Isla Hour
*Juice Block
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*[ ZOE TV's official website]
*[ QTV's Official Website]
==See also==
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*[[List of Philippine television networks]]
*[[List of Philippine companies]]
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