nis nǣngu scortness þǣre adihtunge
'''<span style="font-family: serif; font-size: large; ">I'm taking a hiatus from ang:. Life has kept me busy. I also disagree with some orthographic decisions (e.g. yogh, wynn, Germanic runes) imposed upon the wiki while I was away earlier. These have no precedent in the bulk of the Old English corpus and while it's a pedantic point, well this whole project is kind of an exercise in pedantry anyway! I hope eventually to see the yoghs and wynns vanish and return to a system where the only non-Latin characters we see are aesc, thorn, and eth.'''</span>
Wes þū hal, wilcume in mīnum brūcendtramete. Hātte ic Saforrest and eom [[Canada|Canadisc]] [[circolwyrdprogramere]] and [[leornere]]. Wunie ic nū in [[Hamilton, Ontario|Hamilton]].