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== Geography ==
Galilee embraces more than one-third of present-day [[Israel]], extending "from Dan on the north, at the base of [[Mount Hermon]], to the ridges of Carmel and Gilboa on the south, and from the Jordan valley on the east away across the splendid plains of Jezreel and [[Akko]] to the shores of the [[Mediterranean Sea|Mediterranean]] on the west."
Se Westerna Galilēa, ēac gehāten the "Northern Coastal Plain" starys from north of Haifa up to [[Rosh Hanikra]] in the border between [[Israel]] and [[Lebanon]].
== Stǣr ==
[[Solomon]] rewarded Hiram for certain services rendered him by the gift of an upland plain among the mountains of [[Naphtali]]. Hiram was dissatisfied with the gift, and called it "the land of Cabul". The Jews called it ''Galil''. During the [[Hasmonaean]] period, in the midst of the decline of the [[Seleucid Empire]], the region was taken over by the Jews.
In Roman times, the province of [[Palestine]] was divided into three regions, [[Judea]], [[Samaria]], and Galilee, which comprised the whole northern section of the country, and was the largest of the three.
== Modern Galilēa ==
Modern Galilee is one of the few areas of Israel to have retained a large [[Palestinian]] [[Arab]] population after [[1948]], and has a particularly large number of [[Druze]]. Its main cities are [[Akko]] (Acre), [[Nazareth]], [[Safed]] (Tzfat), [[Afula]], [[Qiryat Shemona]] and [[Tiberias]]. The city of [[Haifa]], although outside the Galilee is serving as an adminstrational and commercial center for the Galilee.
Because of its mountainous terrain most of the settlements in the Galilee are small villages. The main industries of those villages are [[agriculture]] and [[tourism]]. Many families have "[[Zimmer]]" (sort of hotel room) for hire.
== Sēo ēac ==
* [[Sǣ Galilēan]] (ēac gecnāwen swā ''Sǣ [[Tiberias]]'')
== Reference ==
* Initial text from Easton's Bible Dictionary, 1897. Please update as needed
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