Toscead betweox fadungum "Help:Innoþ"

*Category names should usually be in plural, except for when the category is related to one specific thing (for example, the category "tōlas" is plural, but the category "Nīwe Sǣland" is singular)
*Ordinal numbers should be marked as such with a period after them, for example: "Se 12. mann".
*Additional information given to specify the meaning of a word in an article's name should be put in brackets, for example: [[Niht (gyden]]. This should also be done for places, for example: [[Weolingtūn (Nīwe Sǣland)]].
*Unlike many modern languages, including Modern English, where cardinal numbers can be used as ordinal numbers (for example, "contestant number 5" instead of "the fifth contestant"), cardinals could not be used as ordinals in Old English. As such, cardinals used as ordinals in other languages, should be translated as ordinals in Old English. The exception is when a whole proper noun has been borrowed, and it included an ordinally used cardinal, for example: [[Windows 8]]. Although written as two words, for grammatical purposes this should be regarded as one word, perhaps indeclinable neuter.