Toscead betweox fadungum "Help:Innoþ"

*Category names should usually be in plural, except for when the category is related to one specific thing (for example, the category [[:flocc:tōlas|tōlas]] is plural, but the category [[:flocc:Nīwe Sǣland|Nīwe Sǣland]] is singular)
*Categories should be organised in a useful, succint, hierarchical, and non-redundant way (e.g. put the page [[āte]] only in the category "[[:flocc:corn|corn]]", not both "[[:flocc:corn|corn]]" and "[[:flocc:wyrta|wyrta]]", because the category "corn" is already a sub-category of "wyrta")
*Ordinal numbers should be marked as such with a period after them, for example: "Se 12. mann".