Toscead betweox fadungum "Help:Innoþ"

*Don't just assume that a cognate word has the same or a similar meaning in Old English as it does in another language - look it up in credible dictionaries and/or historical source texts.
*Sources are good. They help verifysupport information in an article. If you can provide a trustworthy source for some information in an article, which information has no citation, please do.
*All neologisms should be documented on an article's talk page using [[template:wordgetæl|this template]], and ideally also [[Wikipedia:Full getæl nīwra worda|here]] to make it easier for other people to find and understand. When documenting neologism, give appropriate grammatical information (to see how, look at the template). Also, we explicitly mark palatalization in neologism lists, to make the words easier to read for beginners.