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þæt '''tūhƿēol/tƿihƿēol'''
Other Germanic languages either have their rendering of '''biplane''', or '''double-decker'''. I'm not really sure how to render it. German's "airplane" is '''flugzeug''', where ''zeug'' is related to English ''toy''. ''Deck'' is from the covering of a ship, related to OE '''þæc'''. So... now what? [[File:Flag_of_Virginia.svg|22px]] '''[[User:Wōdenhelm|Wodenhelm]]''' ([[User talk:Wōdenhelm|Ȝesprec]]) [[File:Confederate_Rebel_Flag.svg|22px]] 04:28, 12 Mǣdmōnaþ 2013 (UTC)
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