Toscead betweox fadungum "Mōtung:Heafodtramet"

Any more comments? Should I just request Junicode and ask whether Beowulf is okay? [[User:PiRSquared17|PiRSquared17]] ([[User talk:PiRSquared17|talk]]) 01:05, 22 Mǣdmōnaþ 2013 (UTC)
::Licensing, I think Junicode is good to go; after all, this is a publication. Pi, the freedom issue, think of it as being the Linux GPL instead of the BSD license. (and if for some reason y'all need to contact Peter S Baker but can't get in touch, I could go to UVA and talk to him in person, but one of you needs to reimburse me for gas money). And rather than the Beowulf font, I'd prefer a font that imitates the letter forms (for that purpose) but in the style of something modern and "website friendly". I know I've seen one like that before but I can't remember its name. (and, reason being, Beowulf isn't very legible to 21st century eyes, at least I think so) [[File:Flag_of_Virginia.svg|22px]] '''[[User:Wōdenhelm|Wodenhelm]]''' ([[User talk:Wōdenhelm|Ȝesprec]]) [[File:Confederate_Rebel_Flag.svg|22px]] 06:32, 22 Mǣdmōnaþ 2013 (UTC)