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# '''k''' is rarely seen, as it is rarely needed, although it is certainly not forbidden. In general, it should only be used for loan words, words of foreign origin, proper names or titles, or in Old English words to make a clear distinction about pronunciation, where the use of '''c''' won't always make its pronunciation obvious.
# '''z''' is rare as well. Generally, reserve it for non-Englisc words where the '''z''' indicates a ''ts'' pronunciation, as this was how it was used in Old English. Examples include ''Nazi'' and ''pizza''.
# '''ȝ''' and '''ƿ''' are used in many publications, and on this Wikipedia one can read a page in ȝƿ via the [[Wikipedia:Stylistic and font options|automated conversion]]. Articles used to be written in ȝƿ, but this is no longer necessary, and would in fact be unhelpful. You should write on this Wikipedia in '''gw'''.
There were natural spelling variants in Old English, which accommodated for the various dialects and pronunciations, as well as spelling conventions of authors. Spelling consistency within an article and in general is tidy and easier to read, and due to automated page conversion, is now quite achievable.