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''(For further and more detailed information, see [[Help:On Englisce Ƿrītan]])''
As with anything else, in order to type in Old English, you will need the proper tools to fit the job. Because of automated page conversion, there is no need to type using ȝƿ or runes; and you should not type with runes at all, because it is much more difficult to accurately convert from runes to the Latin alphabet than visevice verse. As such, it would be best for you to have a keyboard which could write vowels with macrons, write æ and ǣ, and write þ and ð. Note that all page names will be written using gw, although there may still be a few pages around written in non-gw, which need cleaning up.
# A software-based keyboard can be downloaded [ here]. The provided link also includes instructions on how to type the extra characters, installation, and switching between keyboards. Alternatively, you can create your own software-based custom keyboard layout with a program such as [ Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator]. This allows you to organize the extra characters according to what feels natural to you.