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For the benefit of those who are new to this Wikipedia, this Help page is written in modern English.
== Special characters ==
There are a few special characters you will see on this Wikipedia, '''ȝ''', '''ƿ''', '''þ''', '''ð''', '''æ''', '''ċ''', the macron accent mark ( '''¯''' ), as well as the Anglo-Saxon runes. In order to see the Runic characters, you will need any font which has Unicode compliance within the "Runic" range. If your browser supports it, you may enable Junicode in your [[Wikipedia:Stylistic and font options|UniversalLanguageSetting preferences]]. If that is not sufficient for some reason, feel free to give feedback by following the links at the bottom of that page or following the advice here.
The recommended font to save to your computer is '''[ Junicode]''', as its Runic characters are well-designed and evenly spaced. You will also need to have JavaScript enabled on your web browser to properly view the [[Wikipedia:Stylistic and font options|automatically converted page versions]]. It is usually enabled by default, but it can be disabled. If you suspect that JavaScript is disabled on your browser, you should see [ this page for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari instructions], [ this page for Google Chrome instructions], and [ this page for Opera, Internet Explorer, and Firefox instructions].
The macron is used to represent a long vowel to help distinguish between words which would otherwise appear indistinguishable ('''īs''' vs '''is'''). The acute accent is often used in the same manner, but for consistency the macron should be used.
== Typing ==
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