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For the benefit of those who are new to this Wikipedia, this Help page is written in modern English.
== About ==
:''See also: [[Wikipedia:Tutorial on Old English]], [[:Wikibooks:Old English]], [ Introduction to Old English by Professor Peter S. Baker of UVA]''
'''Old English''', otherwise known as '''Anglo-Saxon''', is the earliest and longest stage of the English language, having existed in the original time span of about 400 AD to 1150 AD, when the language began to evolve from its West Germanic Anglo-Frisian roots into Middle English, and then Modern English. The most prominent historic writing in Old English is [[Bēowulf|Bēoƿulf]]. This language is currently experiencing a small revival in use, for both academic and [[:en:Germanic Neopaganism|religious]] purposes.
== Special characters ==
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