Toscead betweox fadungum "Mōtung:Heafodtramet"

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:Wes hāl. I am moderately familiar Gothic, and could advance my knowledge of the language pretty much any time I choose. However, personally, the reason I don't give time to Gothic is that Gothic has a relatively narrow recorded vocabulary - massively less adequate than Anglo-Saxon (which as tens of thousands of recorded words). With OE, we already need to use a significant amount of new words and phrases for modern stuff, but with Gothic, we would need very many new words even to talk about stuff the Goths would have been well familiar with. Also, I have finite time, and am learning multiple other languages besides OE.
:As for OE, I enjoy learning and using it. I have started OE translations of various more modern works, although I haven't really completed anything much. I've set my sights on Beatrix Potter, because that's pretty achievable.
:As for revinging OE, yes, I am interested in there being modern community of users. I do not expect that there will ever be a very large community for OE, but it is not like there needs to be (actually, there doesn't ''need'' to be any community for it at all - it has already served its purpose well in ancient England; but I enjoy using it nonetheless). Modern usage of OE is for those people who are interested.
:You know of native Old English speakers? This is news to me - I'd be interested in learning more. If there was a Wikipedia-acceptable reference for this, we could ammend the MnE article on OE to state that there were native speakers.
:BTW, you are most welcome to make contributions. It would endear me greatly if you paid attention to detail in your grammar usage, but so long as it is basically understandable, relevant OE content that didn't diminish the quality of already existing content, it won't be thrown out.
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