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:Yeah, yesterday it just tried to create a listed item instead of a redirect to a page that didn't exist. (IIRC). [[File:Flag_of_Virginia.svg|22px]] '''[[User:Wōdenhelm|Wodenhelm]]''' ([[User talk:Wōdenhelm|Ȝesprec]]) [[File:Confederate_Rebel_Flag.svg|22px]] 03:19, 17 Gēolmōnaþ 2013 (UTC)
== Eye of Odin ==
I can't find a web address for 'Eye of Odin' nor any recent mention of it on the web. Might it have closed? Short of flying to Reykjavik with a camera (beyond even my usual range for photoexpeditions) I can't find a way to back you up on the article. (I've just been reading a list of restaurants in the city, and it's made me hungry for singed sheep's head and rotted shark!) [[User:Hogweard|Hogweard]] ([[User talk:Hogweard|talk]]) 16:56, 25 Mǣdmōnaþ 2014 (UTC)