Toscead betweox fadungum "Cecoslofacia"

nis nǣngu scortness þǣre adihtunge
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'''Cecoslofacia''' wæsƿæs land on [[Europe|Europan]]. Man hit getimbrode on þǣm 1918. gēare fram [[Ēastrīce-Ungerland|Ēastrīceungerland]]e. Cecoslofacia wæsƿæs nīwenīƿe þēodrīce for [[Bæme|Bǣmum]] and [[Sloface|Slofacum]].
Þæt rīce abræc on þǣm 1992. gēare and wearþƿearþ [[Cecland]] and [[Slofacia]].