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* [[79]] - [[Pompeii]] biþ gebyrged fram [[Munt Vesuvius|Munte Vesuvio]].
* [[996]] - [[Otto III, Hālig Rōmānisc Cāsere|Otto III]] Cāsere issues a deed to [[Gottschalk, Bishop of Freising]], þe is þæt ieldeste cūðe gewritgeƿrit mid naman ''[[Ostarrîchi]]'' ([[Ēastrīce]] in [[Eald Hēah Þēodisc|Ealdum Hēam Þēodisce]]).
* [[1512]] - The ceiling of the [[Sistine Chapel]], painted by [[Michelangelo]], is exhibited to the public for the first time.
* [[1520]] - The [[Strait of Magellan]], the passage immediately south of mainland [[Sūþ America]], connecting the [[Stillehæf]] and the [[Atlantic Gārsecg]], is first navigated by [[Ferdinand Magellan]] during his global [[circumnavigation]] voyage.
* [[1604]] - [[Willelm Shakespeare]]'s tragedy ''[[Othello]]'' is presented for the first time, at [[Whitehall Palace]] in [[Lunden]]e.
* [[1611]] - [[Willelm Shakespeare]]'s romantic comedy ''[[The Tempest (play)|The Tempest]]'' is presented for the first time, at [[Whitehall Palace]] in [[Lunden]]e.
* [[1683]] - Sēo [[Englaland|Engliscu]] cynelicu landbūnes be naman [[Nīwe Eoforwīc|Nīƿe Eoforƿīc]] is bedæled in twelftƿelf [[scīr]]a.
* [[1755]] - [[1755 Olisipo earthquake|Olisipo earthquake]]: In [[Portugal]], [[Olisipo]] is adiglod be miclum [[eorðstyre]] and ȳðe, killing between sixty and ninety thousand people.
* [[1765]] - The [[British Parliament]] enacts the [[Stamp Act 1765|Stamp Act]] on the [[13 colonies]] in order to help pay for [[Cynerīce Grēatbryttenes|Bryttisc]] military operations in [[North America]].
* [[1790]] - [[Edmund Burke]] publishes ''[[Reflections on the Revolution in France]]'', in which he predicts that the [[French Revolution]] will end in disaster.
* [[1800]] - US President [[John Adams]] becomes the first [[President of the United States]] tō wunienneƿunienne in þǣm Executive Mansion (later renamed þæt [[Hwīt Hūs|HwīteHƿīte Hūs]]).
* [[1848]] - In [[Boston, Massachusetts]], the first [[medical school]] for women, The Boston Female Medical School (which will later merge with [[Boston University School of Medicine]]), opens.
* [[1859]] - The current [[Cape Lookout (North Carolina)|Cape Lookout]], [[North Carolina]], [[lighthouse]] is lighted for the first time. Its first-order [[Fresnel lens]] can be seen for 19 miles (30 kilometers).
* [[1870]] - In þǣm [[Geānlǣht Rīcu American|Geānlǣhtum Rīcum]], the Weather Bureau (later renamed the [[National Weather Service]]) makes its first official [[Meteorology|meteorological]] forecast.
* [[1871]] - The [[Stamford, Lincolnshire|Stamford]] to [[Bourne, Lincolnshire]] [[Toll road|turnpike]] road was freed from tolls.
* [[1876]] - [[Nīwe Sǣland|NīwesNīƿes Sǣlandes]] [[Provinces of New Zealand|provincial government]] system is dissolved.
* [[1894]] - [[Nicholas II of Russia|Nicholas II]] becomes the new Tsar of [[Russia]] after his father, [[Alexander III of Russia|Alexander III]], dies.
* [[1896]] - Biliþ showing the naked [[breast]]s of a woman appears in ''[[National Geographic]]'' magazine for the first time.
* [[1914]] - [[Ǣrest Woruldgūþ|Ǣrest Ƿoruldgūþ]]: the first [[United Kingdom|British]] naval defeat of the war, the [[Battle of Coronel]] is fought off of the coast of [[Chile]].
* [[1918]] - [[Malbone Street Wreck]]: the worst [[rapid transit]] accident in world history occurs under the intersection of Malbone Street and Flatbush Avenue, [[Brooklyn]], [[New York, New York|New York City]], with at least 93 [[death|dead]].
* [[1922]] - The last sultan of the [[Ottoman Empire]], [[Mehmed VI]], abdicates.
* [[1939]] - The first [[rabbit]] born after [[artificial insemination]] is shown to the world.
* [[1943]] - [[Ōðru Woruldgūþ|Ōðru Ƿoruldgūþ]]: [[Operation Goodtime]] launched - [[United States Marines]] invade [[Bougainville]] in the [[Solomon Islands]].
* [[1944]] - [[Ōðru Woruldgūþ|Ōðru Ƿoruldgūþ]]: [[Operation Infatuate]] launched - The [[British Army]] land at [[Walcheren]] in the [[Niðerland]].
* [[1948]] - Off southern [[Manchuria]], 6,000 are killed as a [[China|Chinese]] merchant ship explodes and sinks.
* [[1950]] - [[Puerto Rican]] nationalists [[Griselio Torresola]] and [[Oscar Collazo]] attempt to assassinate US President [[Harry S. Truman]].
* [[1980]] - [[Wayanad]] district formed in the state of [[Kerala]], [[India]].
* [[1981]] - [[Antigua and Barbuda]] gain independence from the [[Geānlǣht Cynerīce]].
* [[1990]] - A [[Nīweoforwicburg|Nīƿeoforƿicburg]] civil jury awards [[Sandra Miller]] $100 for battery after an incident in which [[Mike Tyson]] grabbed her breasts and insulted her; the jury found Tyson's behavior "not outrageous".
* [[1993]] - The [[Maastricht Treaty]] takes effect, formally establishing the [[Europisc Gesamnung]].
* [[1994]] - [[George Lucas]] leaves the day-to-day operations of his filmmaking business and starts a sabbatical. While on sabbatical, he writes the prequel section of the [[Star Wars]] movies.
* [[1778]] - [[Gustav IV Adolf of Sweden]] (d. [[1837]])
* [[1808]] - [[John Taylor (1808-1887)|John Taylor]], American religious leader
* [[1871]] - [[Stephen Crane]], American wrītereƿrītere (d. [[1900]])
* [[1877]] - [[Roger Quilter]], British composer (d. [[1953]])
* [[1878]] - [[Konrad Mägi]], Estonian painter (d. [[1925]])
* [[Mexico]] and [[Geānlǣht Rīcu]] - Se [[Dæg þāra Dēadra]]
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