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: Ƿesaþ ᵹe hāle everyone! I know my nickname is kinda weird, when I was registing I never could've thought I would talk to someone here or, all the more, create a personal page. I just wanted to register in quikquick way.
At fist I wanted to take take Stefn as a nickname (not a form of female name, it's from Old English word for "voice") But it'd been already taken. Then I wanted to take Deor, but it'd been taken too. And I created this nickname that noone but me would use. I like birds, espesially hunting birds, like osprey or march harrier (they are my patronus' on some Pottermore pages, I used to love to create them and these patronus are my favorites).
: I was planning to put Ƿynn in Old English texts like it's meant to be (and also use Ȝogh to represent insular g, though I didn't know insular g ( ᵹ ) was availiable). I thought it'd be not very easy, but possible, nobody would stop me and edits would last, and in the end I'll imaginary ride into sunset, unknown to everybody. The end. Ah, naive old me.
:And, finally, "song of the mood". That's how I called this topic 'cuase I'll be posting here a name of the song I'd like to listen right now / get addictive too. I'm sure no one cares, but perhaps you'll find a new song. I'll be changing this topic. (And add Stǣr (History) of it, so the songs won't be forgotten)
:Stǣr ( 1.Tom Odell - Another Love, 2. We The Kings - Every Single Dollar, 3. Twenty One Pilots - Forest, 4. Adele - Someone like you, 5. Florence + The Machine - No Light, No Light, 6. Sonique - Sky, 7. Ed Sheeran - Galway Girl, Simple Plan - What If, 8.Imagine Dragons - Warriors, 9.Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness, 10. Nick Lachey - What's left of me)
:I guess this is the end of my visual edits, [[Brūcend:PiRSquared17|PiRSquared17]] has fixed the option that didn't work before (for me) and now every page can be shown with Ƿynn (and Ȝogh) in a moment, my edits became unneeded. It's a great thing this option works, it really helped this Ƿikipǣdia much more that my edits.
:I only wish capital G would stay as it is in 'ȝƿ', not to be changed into capital Ȝogh, while small g becomes small ȝ. I was about to suggest that but was stoped by the thought that there can be people who like the 'ȝƿ' option the way it is now and they don't want these changes. And honestly I don't think it's technically possible. So I'll write it only here (perhaps I should really suggest it but I'm not so sure yes)
:I will be coming here to see if this site is okay or what's new but not for edits, it lost its purpose. And here's my last song of the mood, 'cause I don't think updating this topis would make any sense:
Song of the mood: Ed Sheeran - Happier
I'm sorry if I was a bother or made mistakes, I've been living my life here with best intensions. So, Ƿesaþ ᵹe hāle everyone!
: Song of the mood - Nick Lachey - What's left of me