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:''These options only work with [[w:JavaScript|JavaScript]] (different from Java!) enabled. They do not work on all browsers, but have been tested at least on the latest versions of Firefox and Google Chrome, at the time of writing.''
=== Top threefour options (g/w, yogh/wynn, insular g/wynn, runes<sup>Alpha</sup>) ===
On the Old English Wikipedia, there are many options to change the font of text. One of them is located at the top of the page. There are threefour buttons: "gw", "ȝƿ", "ᵹƿ", and "ᚱᚢᚾ" ("run" or "rūn" in Runes). The first option, "gw", makes the text display with normal "g" and "w" instead of yogh and wynn. The second turns all "g" into yogh and all "w" into wynn. Note that yogh was not found in authentic Old English, but is used to approximate insular g, which is not supported in many fonts/browsers. The third option is for insular g and wynn, and is the most authentic choice. The last option for runes is ''entirely'' experimental, and is almost guaranteed to produce errors. The [[UserMediaWiki:PiRSquared17/Gadget-spellingstyle.js|source code]] is available (licensed same as rest of Wikipedia: dual CC-BY-SA 3.0/GFDL).
=== Universal Language Selector: [[w:Junicode|Junicode]] and insular forms ===
[[File:ULS-interlanguage-ang.png|thumb|Location of the cog used to open the ULS interface.]]
[[File:Angwiki_ULS_font_selection.png|thumb|Selecting the font.]]
[[File:ULS-interlanguage.png|thumb|Location of cog in (modern) English interface.]]
Another, more user-friendly option to display text in an authentic script is found in the sidebar on the left of all pages of
The ULS can be used to set the font to one of three options:
# [[w:Junicode|Junicode]] (default), a script good for viewing OE text.
# Enable "Download fonts when needed" if it is not already.
# Select "Junicode", "Junicode-insular", or the system default.
# Click the blue button ("Astellan setednessa") to save your settings. MayThis may not work with cookies disabled.
If your font settings do not seem to be working, try applying and saving them and reloading.
== Install on own computer ==
If your browser does not support these options, there is another way to set the font. Download an Old English font, e.g. [ Junicode] or [//ēafodtramet&oldid=175324#.C8.9C.C7.B7_enhanced_by_Beowulf_font Beowulf], and (if you know how!) set your browser to use that font for Alternatively, log in or create an account on Wikipædia, and set [[Special:MyPage/common.css]] to have <source lang="css">body { font-family: Junicode; }</source>(or whatever the font name is). You will need to log in to see that font, however. If you would like to use insular Junicode, expand the following box.
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