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Tag: MassMessage delivery
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== 2022 Board of Trustees Call for Candidates ==
<section begin="announcement-content" />
:''[[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation elections/2022/Announcement/Call for Candidates/Short|You can find this message translated into additional languages on Meta-wiki.]]''
:''<div class="plainlinks">[[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation elections/2022/Announcement/Call for Candidates/Short|{{int:interlanguage-link-mul}}]] • [{{urlencode:Wikimedia Foundation elections/2022/Announcement/Call for Candidates/Short}}&language=&action=page&filter= {{int:please-translate}}]</div>''
The Board of Trustees seeks candidates for the 2022 Board of Trustees election. [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia_Foundation_elections/2022/Announcement/Call_for_Candidates|'''Read more on Meta-wiki.''']]
The [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation elections/2022|2022 Board of Trustees election]] is here! Please consider submitting your candidacy to serve on the Board of Trustees.
The Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees oversees the Wikimedia Foundation's operations. Community-and-affiliate selected trustees and Board-appointed trustees make up the Board of Trustees. Each trustee serves a three year term. The Wikimedia community has the opportunity to vote for community-and-affiliate selected trustees.
The Wikimedia community will vote to fill two seats on the Board in 2022. This is an opportunity to improve the representation, diversity, and expertise of the Board as a team.
;Who are potential candidates? Are you a potential candidate? Find out more on the [[m:Special:MyLanguage/Wikimedia Foundation elections/2022/Apply to be a Candidate|Apply to be a Candidate page]].
Thank you for your support,
Movement Strategy and Governance on behalf of the Elections Committee and the Board of Trustees<br /><section end="announcement-content" />
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