Toscead betweox fadungum "1. Blōtmōnðes"

* [[1604]] - [[William Shakespeare]]'s tragedy ''[[Othello]]'' is presented for the first time, at [[Whitehall Palace]] in [[Lunden]]e.
* [[1611]] - [[William Shakespeare]]'s romantic comedy ''[[The Tempest (play)|The Tempest]]'' is presented for the first time, at [[Whitehall Palace]] in [[Lunden]]e.
* [[1683]] - Se [[Cynerīce Grēatre BrytteneEnglaland|BryttiscEnglisc]] crown colony of [[Nīwe Eoforwīc]] is subdivided into 12 [[county|counties]].
* [[1755]] - [[1755 Lisbon earthquake|Lisbon earthquake]]: In [[Portugal]], [[Lisbon]] is destroyed by a massive [[earthquake]] and [[tsunami]], killing between sixty and ninety thousand people.
* [[1765]] - The [[British Parliament]] enacts the [[Stamp Act 1765|Stamp Act]] on the [[13 colonies]] in order to help pay for [[KingdomCynerīce of Great BritainGrēatbryttenes|BritishBryttisc]] military operations in [[North America]].
* [[1790]] - [[Edmund Burke]] publishes ''[[Reflections on the Revolution in France]]'', in which he predicts that the [[French Revolution]] will end in disaster.
* [[1800]] - US President [[John Adams]] becomes the first [[President of the United States]] tō wunienne in þǣm Executive Mansion (later renamed þæt [[Hwīt Hūs|Hwīte Hūs]]).