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4 blotmonath
(4 blotmonath)
'''[[94 Blōtmōnaþ]]''': '''[[SelfdōmdægFlag of Panama|Fanan Dæg]]''' in [[Panama]], '''[[CambodiaUnity Day (Russia)|Unity Day]]''' (in [[1953Russland]]).
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[[Image:Berlin-wallFrancesco Hayez 041.jpg|100px|SeCount Cavour, architect of the BerlinerItalian WeallUnification]]
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{{*mp}} [[1852]] &ndash; '''[[Camillo Benso, conte di Cavour|Count Cavour]]''' wearþ [[fyrmescealc]] of the [[Kingdom of Sardinia|Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia]], which [[Italian unification|soon expanded]] to become the [[Cynerīce Italisc]].
*[[1799]] - The '''[[18 Brumaire]]''' [[Coup d'etat|coup]] led by [[Emmanuel Joseph Sieyès]] and [[Napoléon Bonaparte]] deposed the government [[Francland]]es.
{{*mp}} [[1869]] &ndash; '''''[[Nature (journal)|Nature]]''''', one of the oldest and most reputable general purpose [[scientific journal]]s, was first published.
*[[1872]] - The '''[[Grēat Boston Fyr in 1872]]''' began, eventually destroying over 700 buildings in [[Boston, Massachusetts]].
{{*mp}} [[1890]] &ndash; [[London]]'s '''[[City & South London Railway]]''', the first deep-level [[Rapid transit|underground railway]] in the world, opened, running a distance of {{convert|5.1|km|mi|abbr=on|lk=on|1}} between the [[City of London]] and [[Stockwell]].
*[[1938]] - '''[[Kristallnacht]]''': In þǣm [[Nazi Þēodiscland|Þriddan Rīce]] hæfþ man manig æthlȳpas wiþ [[Iudeas]] and Iudeisce cēapunga gemacod.
{{*mp}} [[1979]] &ndash; [[Muslim Student Followers of the Imam's Line|Hundreds of Iranian students]] supporting [[Iran]]'s [[Iranian Revolution|post-revolutionary regime]] seized the [[Geānlǣht Rīcu American|Americanisc]] [[Diplomatic mission|embassy]] in [[Tehran]], beginning a '''[[Iran hostage crisis|444-day hostage crisis]]'''.
*[[1989]] - Se '''[[Berliner Weall]]''' in [[Þēodiscland]] āfēoll and hēr mearcode tācen for ende þǣre [[Cealdgūþ|Cealdgūðe]].
{{*mp}} [[1995]] &ndash; [[Israel]]i [[Prime Minister of Israel|Prime Minister]] '''[[Yitzhak Rabin]]''' was [[Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin|mortally wounded]] by '''[[Yigal Amir]]''' while at a [[peace]] rally at the [[Rabin Square|Kings of Israel Square]] in [[Tel Aviv]].