Toscead betweox fadungum "Brūcendmōtung:Wōdenhelm"

nis nǣngu scortness þǣre adihtunge
[[User:Hogweard|Hogweard]] 22:47, 21 Solmōnaþ 2009 (UTC)
:Ya know, actually, ''you're'' right. Using your word you provided, I was able to find the translation. I wasnt able to find "chestnut" in any of my sources, so I was going by the earliest instance of "chestnut" in English, trying to artificially work my way backwards on that. I'll gladly correct it. [[User:Wōdenhelm|— ᚹᚩᛞᛖᚾᚻᛖᛚᛗ]] 22:52, 21 Solmōnaþ 2009 (UTC)
== Re: Please do not alter orthography ==
Hi Wōdenhelm. I was unavoidably offline during the original style vote and missed the outcome. I was unable to find a conclusive result indicating the outcome of the [[Wikipedia:Style Vote|the vote]]. Could you please provide some link where the outcome of the vote, favouring a biscript compromise, is explained?
I personally wouldn't favour such an outcome, because I think the number of modern writers in Old English overwhelmingly favours w, g, etc. But I acknowledge that since I didn't participate in the vote, I can't protest that now. (That said, as an aside I have to say that while I am firmly against any notion of page ownership, it's a bit galling to have to you lecture me about changing orthography on the William the Conqueror page, given that you changed the original orthography I used when I created the page.)
I understand some technical solutions have been proposed to let the character display be controlled by a client-side user preference, though none seem to have been found satisfactory as of yet. I would be happy to help with any such effort; I know some problems like this have been faced and solved on the Chinese and Serbo-Croatian wikipedias. --[[User:Saforrest|Saforrest]] 23:52, 22 Solmōnaþ 2009 (UTC)