Toscead betweox fadungum "Metallica"

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Robot onhweorfung: ka:Metallica; cosmetic changes
ly (Robot onhweorfung: sr:Металика)
ly (Robot onhweorfung: ka:Metallica; cosmetic changes)
| Origin = [[Los Angeles, California]], USA
| Genre = [[Heavy metal music|Heavy metal]], [[thrash metal]], [[hard rock]], [[speed metal]]
| Years_active = 1981–present1981–present
| Label = [[Warner Bros. Records|Warner Bros.]], [[Elektra Records|Elektra]], [[Vertigo Records|Vertigo]], [[Megaforce Records|Megaforce]], [[Sony Music Entertainment Japan|Sony (Japan)]]
| Associated_acts = [[Megadeth]], [[Echobrain]], [[Spastik Children]], [[Leather Charm]]
| URL = []
| Current_members = [[James Hetfield]]<br />[[Lars Ulrich]]<br />[[Kirk Hammett]]<br />[[Robert Trujillo]]
| Past_members = <!-- Bob Rock has both writing and performing credit on 'St. Anger', but was NEVER considered an official member, he just "helped out". (Discuss on talk page) -->[[Ron McGovney]]<br />[[Dave Mustaine]]<br /><!-- DO NOT ADD DECEASED NEXT TO BURTON'S NAME -->[[Cliff Burton]]<!-- DO NOT ADD DECEASED NEXT TO BURTON'S NAME --><br />[[Jason Newsted]]