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{{Infobox Football club
| clubname = D.C. United
| image = [[ImageBiliþ:DCUnited.png|150px|D.C. United tācn|alt=A shield with stylized black eagle facing left on a red field under the words "D.C. United". On the eagles chest is a red star with a soccer ball.]]
| fullname = D.C. United
| nickname = ''DCU'', ''Black-and-Red''
| league = [[Major League Soccer]]
| season = [[2009 Major League Soccer tīma|2009]]
| position = Eastern Conference: 4th<BRbr />Overall: 10th<BRbr />Playoffs: DNQ
| American = true
| current = 2010 Major League Soccer tīma
[[he:די.סי. יונייטד]]
[[hr:D.C. United]]
[[hu:DCD.C. United]]
[[it:D.C. United]]
[[ja:D.C. ユナイテッド]]