This list is intended to document all new words and old words used with a new meaning which are used on this Wikipedia. It does not necessarily do so.

The list is in Old English-Modern English in alphabetical order.

If you see that a word on this list is not used on this Wikipedia, please feel free to remove it from the list.

Incorrect or superceded alternatives for the words given, which are likely to still be used somewhere on this Wikipedia, are marked under the preferred translation followed by UR (short for Old English "unriht"), preferrably with an explanation about why this coining should not be used.

A word's etymology or derivation should be writen after the Modern English translation in square brackets.


  • Alladōm (sm) - Islam [after pattern of "Crīstendōm"]
  • Alladōming (sm) - Muslim ["Alladōm" with likely productive suffix]
  • America (wm/irreg. sf/irreg. wf) - America [borrowing]
  • ānfeald (aj) sang (sm) - single (piece of music released by itself) ["ānfeald" - "single"+"sang" - "song"]
  • ānpleȝendliċ (aj) - singles (in tennis or badminton), having one player ["one player" with productive adjectival suffix]
  • Australia (irreg. sf/irreg. wf) - Australia [borrowing]
  • Australianisċ (aj) - Australian ["Australia" with productive suffix]
  • Australisċ (aj) - Australian ["Australia" with productive suffix]


  • ǣhtwealdes (desc.) endebyrdness (aj) - capitalism [calque of Icelandic "auðvaldsskipulag"; literally "system of property rulership"]
  • æppelcyrnel (sm) - grenade [calque of "grenade"; authentic with a new meaning]
  • ǣrendþeȝnung (sf) - postal service [near-calque of "postal service"]
  • æðmlyft (sf) - oxygen ["breath-gas" because it's the main gas we need when breathing]


  • bēamwull (sf) - cotton [calque of German "Baumwolle"]
  • bearmspearctellend (sm) - laptop computer ["lap-computer"; "spearctellend" is also a new word]
  • blōmliċ (aj) - metallic ["blōma" - "metal" with productive suffix]
  • bōcaȝetæl (sn) - book series
  • bōcwrītere (sm) - book writer
  • bred (sn) (authentic with new meaning) - display, monitor, screen ["surface" - shortened form of more descriptive word "sċēawbred" - see that entry]
  • bredspeardtellend (sm) - tablet computer ["tablet computer"]
    • tæflspearctellend UR
  • burgweard (sm) (authentic with slightly different meaning) - police
  • Buddendōm (sm) - Buddhism [based on pattern of "Crīstendōm"]


  • caffiȝ (sn) - coffee (borrowing)
  • Ċīna (irreg. sf/irreg. wf) - China [borrowing]
  • Ċīnisċ (aj) - Chinese [borrowing]
  • cleofwyrm (sm) - virus ["cell-worm"]
  • clēofawyrm UR (no longer vowel, plus "-a" is an inflected ending and should be removed from non-word final word parts)
    • clēofanwyrm UR (no long vowel)
    • clēofwyrm UR (same reason)
  • cnæppbord (sm) - keyboard [calque of "keyboard" with it being understood "key" means "button"]
  • cofwyrm (sm)
  • coning (sm) - rabbit [borrowing]
  • costungȝewrit (sn) - essay [literally "explorative piece of writing"]
  • costnungȝewritmann (i-mut. sm) - essayist
  • cropbyrst (sm) - kidney failure [calque of "kidney failure"]
  • Curān (sn) - Quran [Anglo-Saxonized borrowing]


  • dāhbyrdness (sf) - state of matter [calque of "state of matter"]
  • drēamīwunghord (sn) - music video ["drēam" - "music"+"īwunghord" - video ["īwung" - "showing, revealing"+"hord" - "collection"]
    • drēamsċēawhord UR (because "sċēawian" means "to look at" rather than "to reveal", which is what a video recording does)
  • dȳfendbāt (sm) - submarine ["diving boat"]


  • efenwolcen (sn) - stratus cloud [calque of "stratus cloud"]
  • efnungrǣd (sn) - socialism [calque of Icelandic "jafnaðarstefna"]
  • eormengyld (sn) [semi-calque of "university"]
    • ēormengyld UR (no long vowel)
    • eormenfgield UR ("gield" is incorrect)


  • fædermot (sn) - parent atom ["father-atom"]
  • feldpleȝend (sm) - (sports) field player [calque of "field player"]
  • feohanȝinn (sn) - enterprise ["wealth-undertaking"]
  • feohtācn (sn) - currency ["wealth token"]
  • feohwendung (sf) - economy ["wealth-exchange/turning"]
  • feorrsīen (sf) - television [calque of "television"]
  • folcweald (sn) - democracy ["people-rulership"]
  • folcwealdlīċ (aj) - democratic
  • foresittend (sm) - president [calque of "president"]
    • fōresittend UR (the short vowel is probably correct(er))
  • forma (aj) þeȝn (sm) - prime minister [calque of "prime minster"]
  • fȳrspringend (sm) - explosive ["fire exploder"]
  • fōtþōðer (sm) - football (group of sports) [calque of "football"]
  • fȳrwǣpen (sn) - firearm [calque of "firearm" and also German "Feuerwaffe"]
  • fȳstlāc (sn/sf) - boxing ["fist-play/sport"]
  • fȳstpleȝa (wm) - boxing ["fist-play/sport"]


  • Ȝeānedrīċisċ (aj) - American, of the USA
  • Ȝeānedu (aj) Rīcu (sn pl.) American (desc.) - United States of America [calque of "United States of America"]
    • Ȝeānlǣht Rīcu American UR
  • ȝeatweard (sm) - goalie [literally "gate guardian"]
  • ȝegyld (sn) (authentic with new meaning) - company, corporation [calque of French "société"]
  • ȝemǣnre (aj) ǣhte (desc.) rǣd (sn) - communism [near-calque of "communism"; literally means "doctrine of common ownership"]
  • ȝemot (sn) - molecule ["mot" with productive prefix that can have sense of "group" or "collective"]
  • Ȝemōtsċipe (sm) - Communism [semi-calque of "Communism"]
  • Ȝenett (sn) - the Internet [calque of "the Net"]
  • ȝesċeaftgæd (sn) - chemical compound [calque of "chemical compound"]
  • ȝetæl (sn) (authentic with less specific meaning(s)) - score in a sports game; list; series of things
  • ȝetælȝeat (sn) - goal [literally "score gate"]
  • ȝilmrǣd (sn) - fascism [calque of "fascism"]
  • godlār (sf) - theology ["god-study"]
  • godlārmann (i-mut. sm) - theologian ["god-study-person"]
  • grēat (aj) lyftdweliȝend (sm) - gas giant (planet) ["big gas-planet"]
  • gyldfōtþōðer (sm) - soccier, association football [calque of "association football"]
    • fōtball UR ("fōtball" is an unnecessary borrowing from Modern English, when a total and straightfordward calque is entirely possible)
    • clīewen fōtball UR (aside from "fōtball" being an unnecessary borrowing, "clīewen" means "ball" rather than "association", and would also be part of a compound noun rather than an adjective)


  • hāmlǣrung (sf) - homeschooling ["home-teaching"]
  • handfeorrsprecend (sm) - mobile phone ["hand-phone"]
  • handsearu (w-dec. sn) - mobile device ["hand-device"]
  • handþōðer (sm) - handball (one of several sports) [calque of "handball"]
  • hātȝemet (sn) meltunge (desc.) - metling point [calque of "melting point" with it being understood that "point" referes to a specific temperature]
  • hātȝemet (sn) wylmes (desc.) - boiling point [calque of "boiling point" with it being understood that "point" refers to a specific temerature]
  • hēafodȝesċeaft (sf) - chemical element ["principle element" calque of Icelandic "höfuðskepna"]
  • hēafodȝewinn (sn) - Grand Slam tournament ["main tournament"]
  • hēap (sm) (authentic with less specific meaning) - sports team
    • hlōþ UR (not used because almost universally used for only violent groups in


    • tēam UR (although etymologically related the modern word "team", "tēam" in OE meant "breeding" or "a pair of animals" or "a line of descent")
  • hēapgefēra (wm) - team mate [calque of "team mate/companion"]
  • hēaphandþōðer (sm) - team handball, Olympic handball [calque of "team handball"]
  • hēappleȝa (wm) - team sport [calque of "team sport"]
    • hlōþpleȝa UR
    • tēampleȝa UR ("tēam" is either "a pair of animals" or "breeding" or a legal term, not a group of people)
  • hēapwolcen (sn) - cumulus cloud [calque of "cumulus cloud"]
  • hrōcburhfōtþōðer (sm) - Rugby football (family of sports) [calque of "Rugby football"]
  • hundredȝēare (sn) centure ["hundred-years, modelled after authentic "þriȝēare"]
  • hweogolstōl (sm) - wheelchair [calque of "wheelchair"]


  • Īrisċ (aj) fōtþōðer (sm) - Gaelic football ["Irish football" - there is no direct equivalent to "Gaelic" in OE]
  • īsbrīw (sm) - sorbet ["ice slurry/porridge"]
  • īscristalla (wm) - ice crystal [calque of "ice crystal"]
  • īsrēam (sm) - icecream [calque of "ice cream"]
  • īwung- - prefix to do with video, meaning literally "showing, revealing" since video is a showing of images
    • scēaw- UR (because "sċēawian" means "to look at", and while one does look at a video, the video recording itself is actually showing or revealing something, rather than looking at it)
  • īwungbred (sn) - display, monitor, screen ["showing-surface" - since a monitor is a surface that displays images]
    • sċēawbred UR (see entry for "scēaw-" as an UR sub-entry under "īwung-" for an explanation)
  • īwunghord (sn) - video recording ["īwung"˝- "revealing, showing"+"hord" - "collection"]
    • sċēawhord UR (because "sċēawian" means "to look at", and while one does look at a video, the video recording itself is actually showing or revealing something, rather than looking at it)


  • landfæstness (sf) - mainland
  • lārgyld (sn) - academy ["teaching/taught knowledge-guild"]
  • lārgyldmann (i-mut. sm) - academic, academic person ["academic person"]
  • līchamhyrst (sf) - hardware [calque of "hardware" with it being understood that "hard" means "physical" and "ware" means "equipment" or very similar]
  • līċhamlār (sf) - physics ["physical-study"]
  • līċhamlārmann (i-mut. sm) - physicist ["physics-person"]
  • lyft (sf) (authentic with perhaps new meaning) - gas
  • lyftȝemang (sn) - mixture of gases [calque of "mixture of gases"]
  • lyftgrot (sn) - gas particle [calque of "gas particle"]
  • lyftliċ (aj) - gaseous ["lyft"+productive adjectival suffix "-liċ"]


  • Māwrisċ (aj) - Maori [Anglo-Saxonized borrowing from Maori]
  • midlyfthelm (sm) - mesosphere ["middle atmosphere"]
  • motlyft (sf) - noble gas, atomic gas [calque of "atomic gas"]
  • mūs (i-mut. sf) (authentic with completely unrelated new meaning) - (computer) mouse [calque of "mouse"]


  • nettbatt (sm) - racket ["netting-bat"]
  • nettȝeardþōðer (sm) - tennis ["nett-court-ball"]
  • nettþōðer (sm) - netball [calque of "netball"]
  • niðerlyfthelm (sm) - troposphere ["lower atmosphere"]
  • Nīwe (aj) Englisċ (sn) - Modern English [close as possible calque of "Modern English"]
  • Nīwenglisċ (aj) - Modern English, of Modern English
    • Nīwe Englisċ UR ("Nīwe" as an adjective cannot modify another adjective; if it is to be considered a separate adjective that modifies the same noun, we have could some confusing cases like "Nīwe English word" which, but for the capitalization, should really mean "new Anglo-Saxon word" rather than "Modern English word"; if it is to be considered an adverb, we could have "newly Anglo-Saxon word", which is not at all the intended meaning)
  • Nīwe (aj) Sǣland (sn) - New Zealand [calque of "New Zealand"]
  • Nīwesǣlendisċ (aj) - New Zealand, Kiwi
    • Nīwe Sǣlendisċ UR


  • openfrumlīċ (aj) - open source [calque of "open source" with productive suffix]


  • pleȝend (sm) - (sports) player ["plegan" with a productive suffix]


  • racsæȝen (sf) - theory ["explanation-statement"]
  • racsæȝen (sf) ȝemǣnre edlesendlīċnesse (desc.) - theory of general relativity [calque of "theory of general relativity"]
  • racsæȝenlīchamlārmann (i-mut. sm) - theoretical physicist [calque of "theoretical physicist"]
  • rēocgrot (sn) - smoke particle [calque of "smoke particle"]
  • rīmaȝiefung (sf) - algebra ["number restoration" inspired by "algebra" which means "resetting of broken parts"]
  • reċċend (sm) - account [semi-calque of "account"]
  • rīmcræftliċ (aj) - mathematical ["rīmcræft" with productive adjective suffix "-liċ"]


  • sanghord (sn) - album (for music) ["sang" - "song"+"hord" - "collection"]
    • swēȝhord UR (because "swēȝ" means "sound" in general, not necessarily specifically music; as such, it is more appropriate to use for general meaning of "audio recording")
  • sċearplyft (sf) - ammonia ["pungent-gas" - calque of Maori "haukini"]
  • sċīd (an) (authentic with new meaning) - ski [calque of "ski"]
  • sċīdfarung (sf) - skiing [calque of German "Skifahren"]
  • selfwealdende (aj) - autonomous ["self-governing"]
  • searusprecend (sm) - smartphone ["smart/ingenious speaker (device)"]
  • sīenfōnd (sm) - camera ["sight-capturer"]
  • sīensearu (w-dec. sn) - camera ["sight device"]
  • spearcinċel (sn) - electron ["spearca" with productive diminutive suffix]
  • spearclyft (sf) - plasma (state of matter) ["electric gas"]
  • spearctelle (sm) - computer ["electric calculating thing" - "-e" may possibly be a productive suffix]
  • spearctellend (sm) - computer ["electric calculator/calculating tool"]
  • stǣrhūs (sn) - museum ["history-house"]
  • stēormǣl (sn) - politics [calque of Icelandic "stjórnmál"
    • wealdsċipe UR ("wealdsċipe" is a total neologism, whereas "stēormǣl" is a calque and therefore preferable]
  • stēormǣlliċ (aj) - political [calqued "stēormǣl"+productive adjectival suffix "-liċ"]
  • stēormǣlweorod (sn) - political party [calque of Icelandic "stjórnmálaflokkur"]
  • stōwsēċend (sm) - tourist ["place seeker/visitor"]
  • sundorrīċehād (sm) - (state) independence ["separate-state-hood"]
  • sunnanlyft (sf) - helium ["sun's gas" inspired by "helium"]
  • Sunnliċ (aj) Endebyrdness (sf) - Solar System [calque of "Solar System"]
  • swefelæȝed (sn/sm) - sulphuric acid [calque of "sulphuric acid"]
  • Syllīega (sf pl.) - Isles of Scilly


  • tæȝelwolcen (sn) - cirrus cloud ["tail-cloud" inspired by colloquial name "mare's tails"]
  • tennis (sn) - tennis [borrowed from Modern English]
  • tennisȝewinn (sn) - tennis tournament [calque of "tennis tournament"]
  • tennispleȝa (wm) - game of tennis ["tennis game"]
  • tennispleȝend (sm) - tennis player [calque of "tennis player"]
  • tīdȝeard (sm) - time zone [calque of "time zone"]
  • tīdinċel (sn) - minute [diminutive of "tīd" - "hour"]
  • tīdungȝewrit (sn) - newspaper [semi-calque of "newspaper" - "news-writing"]
  • tīenȝēare (sn) - decade ["ten-year", modelled after authentic "þriȝēare"
  • tilung (sf) - industry ["striving for produce"]
  • trēpe (sm) (authentic with new meaning) - music group, band ["troup, (military) band"]
  • twihwǣl (sn) - bicycle [calque of "bicycle"]
    • tūhwǣl UR ("tū" is an inflicted form not found as the first part of a compound)
  • twihweogol (sn) - bicycle [calque of "bicycle"]
    • tūhweogol UR ("tū" is an inflicted form not found as the first part of a compound)


  • þennungteorwen (aj) - rubber, made of rubber ["þennungteoru" with productive suffix]
  • þēodliċes (aj) ȝemǣnsċipes (desc.) rǣd (sn) - nazism, national socialism [near calque of "national socialism"]
  • þūsendmeter (sn) - kilometre [calque of "kilometre"]


  • Ucræȝna (irreg. sf/irreg. wf) - Ukraine [borrowed from Ukrainian]
  • Ucræȝnisċ (aj) - Ukranian ["Ucræȝna" with productive suffix]
  • underrīċisċ (aj) - subnational [calque of "subnational"]
  • undersǣbāt (sm) - submarine [semi-calque of "submarine"]
  • unmeaht (sf) - disability [authentic with meaning of "weakness"]


  • waracȳþþu (indecf) - advertising ["making known of wares"]
  • wæȝn (sm) (authentic with new meaning) - car, vehicle
  • wǣtdropinċel (sn) - liquid droplet [calque of "liquid droplet"]
  • wæteræðm (sf) - water vapour [calque of "water vapour"]
  • wæterdraca (wm) - crocodile ["water-dragon"]
  • wætertimber (sn) - hydrogen [calque of German "Wasserstoff"]
  • wæterþōðer (sm) - water polo [calque of "water polo"]
  • wealcdrēam (sm) - rock music [calque of "rock music"]
  • wealcdrēamtrēpe (sm) - rock band, ["rock music band"]
  • wealcdrēamyldu (indecf) - rock music era ["rock music era"]
  • wealdċēosung (sf) - (government) election ["government-election"]
  • wealdsēċend (sm) - politician ["government seeker/attempter"]
  • weorcendebyrdness (sf) - operating system [calque of "operating system"]
  • weorcȝewrit (sn) - piece of software, program, application ["operation writing" - inspired by "program", a piece of writing which says what is to be done]
  • weorcȝewrithyrst (sf) - software ["program-equipment" after model of "līċhamhyrst", also a new word - see entry]
  • weorcrene (sm) - career ["work-career"]
  • wīffyrðrung (sf) - feminism ["advancement of women"]
  • wihthād (sm) - weight class [calque of "weight class"]
  • Wīnland (sn) - America, the Americas [calque of Old Norse "Vinland"]
  • witenacræft (sm) - science ["skill of learned people"]
  • witenacræftig (aj) - scientific ["witenacræft" with productive suffix]
  • weoloclyft (sf) - neon ["scarlet-gas"]
  • Woruldirfstōw (sf) - World Heritage Site [calque of "World Heritage Site"]


  • ȳþrīdung (sf) - surfing [calque of German "Wellenreiten"]
  • yppan (1) - publish [authentic with less specific meaning of "to set forth"]
    • ūtsendan UR (less simple and tidy)
    • However also the authenticated swutelian or geswutellian, abannan, forþyppan, wīdmǣrsian or gewīdmǣrsian.