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This set of pages serve as a queue of selected anniversaries in history taken from each day of the year's events and holidays/ observances section and from current Jewish, Islamic, and other lunar-based calendars. The selected anniversaries queue is used to help facilitate and coordinate updates to the "Selected anniversaries" section on the Main Page. Be bold while improving this queue but please make sure you follow the guidelines. Also please note, although anniversary listings on individual date articles are written in the present tense, please write each "selected anniversary listing" in the past tense. The tense change is due to the fact that the Main Page has current events and past ones on the same page.

Current selection:

17. dæg Weodmonðes : Sundorrīcesdæg in Indonesie (1945) and in Gabone (1960)

Hermann von François

  • 1862 – Þā Lacotan, fylc þæs Sioux Scrælingfolces, onsæccedon wicas andlang Minnesota þǣre Ēa, and þes māndǣd rǣrede þone Dakota Gewinn of 1862 ƿiþ þā Geānedu Rīcum American.
  • 1914Ǣrest Ƿoruldgūþ : Oferhīrend bōd þe he to onwīce læd Hermann von François Heretōga sigefull þræc þærin he afliemede Russe of Ēastprēossland in þǣre Beadƿe Stalluponen and awonne se forma Germanisc sige on þǣm Ēasternan ord.
  • 1915Iūdēisc American Leo Frank wæs lynched be friðlēasmu cruþe of prominent burgmannum in Marietta, Georgia for the alleged murder of a 13-year-old girl, turning the spotlight on Iūdēahete in þǣm Geānedum Rīcum American.
  • 1962 – Im Todesstreifen þǣre Berlines Ƿeall verblutet Peter Fechter, ān þǣm bekanntesten Opfer des Schießbefehls an der innerdeutschen Grenze.
  • 1969Hurricane Camille struck the Mississippi sǣrīm þǣm Geānedum Rīcum American and ācƿellode 259 lēode.
  • 1988Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq Foresittend Pacistanes stearf in plane crash.

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    Criteria for listing items on this set of pagesAdiht

    The criteria for inclusion in the selected anniversaries queue is rather subjective due to the fact that any given day of the year can have a great many historical events worthy of listing. So relative article quality along with the mix of topics already listed are often deciding factors. Criteria for inclusion:

    1. a maximum of 4 events (always in the past tense) and 3 holidays/observances per day (up to 5 events can be used for days that have no holidays/observances; births and deaths can only be used when there are not enough qualifying events)
    2. the event needs to be of moderate to great historical significance (relative to the other historical events that occurred on or about the same day of the year).
    3. the event and the selected article (bolded item) needs to be listed in the Events section of its corresponding day of the year article
    4. if the holiday or observance occurs on the same day each Gregorian year, it needs to be in the Holidays/Observances section on the corresponding day page.
    5. the historical event needs to be important enough to be included in the selected article (bolded item)
    6. the selected article needs to be updated to clearly state the event or day of the celebration/observance and the exact day it occurred/occurs with the day and year linked (non-Gregorian-based holidays and observances need not state or link the exact day since this will differ each year).
    7. the selected article (bolded item) must not be a stub and preferably it should be a relatively complete and well-formatted article. In other words, it should be a good example of Wikipedia content.
    8. if at all possible, the array of topics should be varied, and not exhibit, just for example, tech-centrism or Amerocentrism

    Ideally, any particular selected article should only be listed (be a bolded entry) once in this queue. To help make sure articles are not selected (bolded item) more than once, search for the article's name at Wikipedia:Gecorene gemynddagas/Eall. The event should also be the most, or one of the most, important events associated with the selected article. There is no limit to the number of times an article can be incidentally linked in the queue (this includes all the non-bolded links).

    So, a combination of the "majorness" of the event, the mix of items already listed, along with the relative completeness of the article, are the criteria used, along with the requirement for appropriate "context".

    Also, please try to write each entry with a single sentence.

    Criteria for listing images in day entriesAdiht

    1. Only one image should be displayed for any particular day entry at any one time. The image, however, can be switched throughout the day.
    2. The image should be no more than 100px wide and less than 150px high.
    3. For design purposes, if there is choice between an image of a person facing left and a person facing right, pick the face-left one--it draws the reader's attention toward the associated text, rather than away from it.

    Image CodeAdiht

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