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Ƿicibōceras sind þā lēode, þe ƿrītaþ and ādihtaþ geƿritu for Ƿicipǣdian. So in this sense, Wikipedians are people who form The Wikipedia Community. For additional discussion of the Wikipedia community, see the Meta site [1] and Wikipedia:Who, Why?.

Sēo rīm Ƿicibōcera is geƿeaxen tō ofer 100,000 brūcendhordcleofum, along with an unknown (but quite large) number of unregistered contributors. More detailed statistical information about Wikipedia is available at Wikipedia:Statistics.

The diversity of Wikipedians renders it impossible to make many categorical statements about Wikipedians as a whole. Some information about individual registered Wikipedians may be available on their user pages. However, users are not required to create these pages, nor to post any information on them.

This page contains lists of Wikipedians by country, as well as various other groupings. Different categories have been created due to demand. Individual Wikipedians may add themselves to appropriate lists gif hīe willaþ. It is suggested that if you put your name on one of the more specific lists, that you also include your name on the alphabetical list.

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All lists are strictly voluntary. We encourage you to spend your time categorizing our encyclopedic content, rather than categorizing yourself!

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We can all string a few words together (some better than others), however Wikipedia is in need of contributors with other skills. If you are proficient in any of the following skills, please add your technological distinctiveness to the collective.

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