Wikipǣdia:Gecorene gemynddagas/10 Mædmonað

10. dæg Mædmonðes: Sundorrīcesdæg in þā Bahaman; Sƿīgnesdæg.

William I of Orange

  • 1584Ƿilliam se Sƿīge (on biliþe), the Prints Oranges, ƿæs gecƿellode at his home in Delft, Holland be Balthasar Gérard.
  • 1796 – Se Þēodisc mathematician and scientist Carl Friedrich Gauss discovered that every positive integer is representable as a sum of at most three þriscyta getalu, writing in his diary his famous words, "Heureka! num= ."
  • 1925Meher Baba Indisc guru begann his silence of 44 ƿinter oþ his dēaþ in 1969.
  • 1962Telstar, the world's first active, direct relay communications satellite, was launched by NASA aboard a Delta rocket from Cape Canaveral.
  • 1985Frencisc intelligence agents bombed and sank the Greenpeace scip Rainbow Warrior, while docked in Aucland hȳðe on þǣm Nīƿan Sǣlande, to prevent her from interfering in a nuclear test in Moruroa.