Wikipǣdia:Gecorene gemynddagas/4 Blotmonað

4. dæg Blotmonðes : Fanan Dæg on Panaman, Ānnes Ƿēorþing on Russum.

Count Cavour, architect of the Italian Unification

  • 1852Cavour Eorl ƿearþ fyrmescealc of þæs Piedmont-Sardinia Cynerīce, þæt soon expanded to ƿeordienne Italia Cynerīce.
  • 1869Nature, one of the oldest and most reputable general purpose scientific journals, was first published.
  • 1890Lundenes City & South London Railway, þās ƿoruldes ǣrresta dēoplefel undergrūnd īsernƿeg, opnede, and he rynede 3.1 mīla betƿux Lundenceaster and Stoccƿielle.
  • 1979Hundreds of Persisca leornungcnihta ðā fultumoden Persealandes post-revolutionary regime seized the Americanisc embassy in Tehran, beginning a 444-day hostage crisis.
  • 1995Israhelisca Forma Þegn Yitzhak Rabin was mortally wounded by Yigal Amir while at a peace rally at the Kings of Israel Square in Tel Aviv.