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:You asked - I answered... No, I do not think just "model" is the best idea. Maybe "līc-mann/wīf", "(bȳsen/fōre)-līcere", "bȳsen" (most other languages simply used the word for "model" as in "statue"). There are the basic concepts of "bȳsen" and "līc" to work off, at least. [[User:Gottistgut|Willcume ic þec on míne brúcendsídan!]] 04:37, 24 Hrēþmōnaþ 2010 (UTC)
::Or you could use the suffix "līc"+"-en"+m/f gender (a historical usage of the suffix in such genders is for people) - not quite cognate to Icelandic - but close, I think. [[User:Gottistgut|Willcume ic þec on míne brúcendsídan!]] 09:39, 9 Ēastermōnaþ 2010 (UTC)
Proposing þæt '''motorhƿēol''', from ''motor'' (the whole world uses it) + ''hƿēol'', which can be seen as either a calque of ''motor + cycle'', or a shortening of ''motor + tū/tƿi + hƿēol''. [[File:Flag_of_Virginia.svg|22px]] '''[[User:Wōdenhelm|Wodenhelm]]''' ([[User talk:Wōdenhelm|Ȝesprec]]) [[File:Confederate_Rebel_Flag.svg|22px]] 23:59, 26 Sēremōnaþ 2014 (UTC)
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